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Welcome to the Tanning Tips Guide – a site that explains everything you need to know about getting a tan, whether outdoors, using a tanning booth, or with a spray or rub-on tan. Getting the perfect tan can be hard to do, and you need to know what products are available to make it easier and to help you do it more evenly.

Finally, you need to know about the health and safety issues associated with tanning – namely, the risk that ultraviolet light can pose to your skin (especially in the long run). The pages below will discuss these issues and some you may not even have thought about.

General Information About Tanning:

Benefits of Tanning

How to Get a Deep Tan

Body Changes From Tanning

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines

How to Remove a Sun Tan

How to Maintain a Tan During Winter

How to Tan With a Sun Allergy

Tans By Skin Type

Indoor Tans vs. Outdoor Tans

What will give me the best tan?

How do I prevent my skin from getting an orange look?

Why get a tan?


Are there any dangers to fake tans?

Risks of Sun Tans

Risks of Tanning Beds

Preserving Tattoos

Does a sunless tan prevent sunburn?

What are the best sunscreens and lotions?

Sunless Tans:

What is sunless tanning?

Top Sunless Tanning Products

Choosing Sunless Tanning Products by Skin Type

Benefits of Sunless Tanning

Applying a Sunless Tan Evenly

Can I combine a sunless tan with a regular tan?

What are the differences between a sunless tan and a suntan?

Problems With Sunless Tanning

Preventing Sunless Tanning Disasters

How to Remove a Sunless Tan

Ingredients of Sunless Tanners

What’s the difference between a bronzer and a sunless tanner?

Spray Tans:

Spray Tans – Effectiveness

How to Make a Spray Tan Last Longer

What’s the difference between airbrush tans and traditional spray tans?

Tanning Beds / Booths:

Tanning Booths – How to Get a Good Tan

Wearing Clothes in a Tanning Booth

Tanning Bed Safety

How to Take Care of Your Skin Afterwards

Outdoor Tans:

Getting an Effective Outdoor Tan

Best Time of Day for Tanning


Types of Tanning Lotions


How to Tan Without Burning

Dealing With Sunburn

Do base tans prevent sunburn?

African-Americans and Sunburn

Body Art:

Body Art With Tanning