Why get a tan?

Tanning has long been one of the most popular things to do in order to change your appearance. Whether it is outside sun tanning, indoors in tanning beds, or using a product that is designed to give you a tan look without the sun, getting a tan continues to be the most prominent way that people change their appearance after diet.

But what is it about tanning that attracts people to it so much? Below are some of the reasons that people enjoy the idea of tanning.

Why People Tan

  1. Makes Them More Attractive

Though no one has a clear grasp on why tanning appears to enhance attraction, there is no denying that, in general, men and women are attracted to tans. That is not to say that everyone finds tans attractive – beauty itself is completely subjective. But at very minimum a large percentage of the country finds tans be attractive, and so they tan themselves in order to see themselves in that same attractive light.

There may be root in biology. Those that spent a lot of time outdoors hunting and gathering would have come back with tans due to the time they spent outdoors catching prey, and this may have led people to be more attracted to those with tans. But whatever the reason, it is clear that tanning and attractiveness are going to be linked to people for a long time.

  1. Hides Blemishes

Tanning is a good way to hide tiny skin blemishes. As you age, you may get various lines and wrinkles on your body. Tans hide these lines in color, so that you have the appearance of being younger and healthier.

  1. Enhances Muscle Contrast

Strong muscles and fitness are also an attractive quality for many people. But with very light skin, it becomes hard to make out the lines that imply muscles are present. Tanning adds contrast, which helps muscles appear larger than they had previously.

  1. Works With Clothes

Light pink is not the best color to match with other colors. When your skin is light pink, your outfits look different on you than when your skin is a darker tan color. Many people like the aesthetic differences caused by changing their skin tone, and how it makes their clothes appear to look better on them.

  1. Extended Sun Time

Sometimes people like to get tans for reasons that are not beauty related at all. Some people like getting tans so that they can enjoy more time outdoors without worrying about burning. The tanner you are the longer it will take you to burn, and so people go to tanning booths or tan outdoors in order to ensure that during the rest of their outdoor excursions they are at less risk for burning.

Reasons for Tanning

There are many different reasons for tanning. Some people just like the change they experience in their own confidence levels, while other people like that it makes them appear younger. No matter what the reason, there is no doubt that tanning is here to stay.

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