What is sunless tanning?

Everyone loves a tan body. Tan skin gives off the appearance of youth and vitality. There is something inherently sexy about people that have tans. Whether it is because tanning hides any skin abnormalities, makes clothes look better, or because it makes your body thinner, there is no denying that tan skin has an effect on both your opinion of your own physical appearance as well as on your social life.

The problem is that traditional sun tanning – and, for that matter, tanning beds – are not considered safe ways to get tan skin. The same UV rays that help your body tan also can cause cancer and premature skin aging. Though the short term benefits of tanning might be nice, the long term problems associated with tanning via the sun make traditional sun tanning not the best option for those that have concerns about their health.

This represents a serious problem – people still want to get a tan, but they do not want to experience the constant risk to their health that sun tanning causes. To deal with this problem, a method of tanning known as “sunless tanning” has been created.

How Does Sunless Tanning Work?

Sunless tanning is the usage of generally safe chemicals (DHA, among others) to create the appearance of a tan on your skin without the need for sun. In a way, these products dye your skin the color of a tan, but require no sun damage in order to create them. Sunless tanners come in a variety of forms. There are at home lotions, as well as sunless tanning stores that spray you with the product in a booth that resembles a shower.

From a strictly health perspective, these sunless tanning options are a huge advantage. They currently have no known cancer risk, they do not cause premature aging, and they create a tan that looks completely natural all over your body.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Spray on Tans?

With such a safe and effective method available, it would make sense for everyone to use spray on tans. So why do people still do traditional tanning in the sun and tanning booths?

The reason that more people do not use sunless tanning is because the tans are temporary. Sun tanning occurs at a very base level beneath your skin, which is why a good tan can last a large portion of the summer. But sunless tanning lotions and sprays only affect the outer layer of your skin, and within 2 days to one week, the tans will fade away and need to be replaced. Many people do not like the idea of having to use sunless tanners with such regularity.

Nevertheless, these sunless tanning options are considerably safer than traditional sun tanning. They have no known cancer risk and they do not cause any sun damage. All they do is provide you with a natural looking tan. Provided you are willing to commit to these sunless tanning options, they are a far safer option than tanning in the sun.

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