What gives the best tan?

Everyone looks better tan. Though no one can come up with a good reason that tans are so attractive (perhaps a genetic attraction to those that look like they have been active outdoors?), tanning is one of those things that truly enhances a person’s appearance. It hides flaws, it boosts the appearance of muscles, it makes your skin look smoother – tans are truly one of the best ways to augment your appearance.

When you are looking to tan, you have a variety of options. Sitting outside in the sun is not the only way of tanning anymore, and so there are several different options depending on which method you prefer for yourself.

Options for Tanning

  • Basic Sun Tanning

Of course the most basic option is generic sun tanning, often involving going to a park or a beach, laying out a towel, and letting the sun hit your skin. This is likely the most fun way to tan, and certainly one of the best ways to enjoy the weather, but you also risk burning and some serious outdoor health risks.

  • Tanning Beds

An alternative to sun is the tanning bed. In general, tanning beds are the way people “sun tan” in the fall and winter – when the sun is not as visible and the outdoor air cold. Tanning beds allow you to control the degree of tanning better, but they also increase your risk of skin problems since you are concentrated the UV rays on your skin. Still, with the control you experience with tanning beds, many people choose to do this option instead.

  • Tanning Sprays/Creams

Another option is to use various tanning products.  The most common tanning products are sprays and creams, though there are other types of tanning products available. Tanning products are interesting – they are great safe way to tans, but you have to make sure that you not only get the right product, but you also apply it correctly, otherwise you can be stuck with a tan that looks fake to the eye and looks streaky on your skin.

  • Sunless Tanning

There are a variety of different products used for sunless tanning. In fact, tanning sprays and creams often fall under the sunless tanning option. However, sunless tanning also includes the act of spray tanning at a salon, where you stand in something that resembles a shower and let the machine spray you from top to bottom with the sunless tanning chemicals. Sunless tanning products also vary in effectiveness, with DHA products currently proving to be most effective (these products last 3 to 10 days).

Overall Thoughts on Tanning

All types of tanning have their benefits and weaknesses. The weaknesses of sun tanning and tanning beds are more dangerous than sunless tanning, but they also last considerably longer and result in fewer mistakes. Overall, however, all of these represent viable tanning options for those looking to darken their skin and create the sexy, aesthetically pleasing than they are looking for.

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