Types of Tanning Lotions

tanning lotion typesMillions of Americans every year spend countless hours of their time trying to improve the darkness and health of their tan. There is no denying the popularity of tanning, and as more and more people turn to tan in order to improve their appearance, there is a market for products that can help you tan more easily.

That is why tanning lotions were created. Tanning lotions offer you an easy way to improve your ability to tan. Using various ingredients, these lotions help you look darker after tanning by releasing your body’s ability to produce melanin. There are three major types of tanning lotions:

  • Accelerators
  • Tingle Lotions
  • Bronzers

Each of these has different qualities that make them popular tanning products for different groups of people.


Accelerators are the most common and most popular type of tanning lotion. Accelerators use a variety of different ingredients that are believed to activate melanin production, so that while you tan you are receiving greater results.

They do not have any known adverse reactions and are designed to allow you to tan for less time while still receiving many of the benefits, which is useful since sun tanning and tanning beds cause damage to your skin.

Tingle Lotions

Tingle lotions are designed to encourage tanning by stimulating your body’s blood flow level. They cause a reddish glow and are known to have allergic reactions (as well as the experience of tingling, even without allergy).

It is a good idea to test out the product on a small portion of your skin first, to ensure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the product before placing it all over your entire body. Many of them also contain bronzing agents.


Bronzers are a type of temporary tanner. At their essence, bronzers should not be included under the heading “tanning lotions” because they are far more closely related to sunless tanners. Still, they are often sold as tanning lotions. They give the skin a very dark appearance. They do not help with the tanning process nor do they protect against the sun, but if you need to be dark quickly they can be useful.

Overall, only accelerators and tingle lotions are designed to improve how well you tan during your time in the sun or in a tanning booth. There are varying reports on how effective either of these tanning lotions is. Some studies have shown them to be very effective, while others question their abilities.

Still, tanning lotions are a popular way to improve the appearance of your tan after spending time in the sun. Be warned that tanning lotions do not protect against sun damage. So it is vital that you still watch how long you spend in the sun and take special care to wear sunscreen, etc. Remember, you can’t use these lotions even after getting a sunburn too.

But if you are trying to improve the appearance of your tan in the time you have in the sun, these tanning lotions may be a good option for you.

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