Fake Tan Safety

Using tanning booths and tanning out in the sun are not considered safe. Experts everywhere strongly recommend that you do not use tanning salons regularly. Tanning beds are known to cause a number of skin disorders including:

  • Skin Cancer
  • Premature Aging
  • Skin Dryness/Discomfort

Despite all of these warnings, tanning beds are still used regularly by men and women across the country. That is because it is difficult these days to be outside while the sun is out. Tan skin is associated with beauty, and it is the goal of many to do their best to get a tan in order to show off their body with more confidence. Tanning beds are the only way to get the same look without necessarily seeing the sun.

In addition, many of the dangers of tanning beds are the same dangers you receive if you spend a lot of time in the sun. For many, while they would be willing to turn down tannings beds if the sun was safer, since both provide the same dangers, few can justify the risks of tanning beds when they undergo the same risks in extended sun. It is clear that tanning beds are here to stay.

The Fake Tan Option

Another option for those looking for a tan is to use a fake tan or various sunless tanning systems. These systems use sprays and chemicals to dye your skin a tan color. Within a week or so that tan will fade, so these sunless tans are by no means perfect, but they do not carry the same risks of tanning beds. That makes them a far safer alternative than tanning beds and sun tanning.

Still, sunless tanning options are by no means side effect free. There are still problems that can occur, both temporary and permanent, when you decide to use a sunless tanning option.

Dangers of Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning products are always made with chemicals. As a result, long term exposure to these chemicals has not been tested. Though no risks have currently been found, there is always a chance that subjecting your body to these chemicals over a long period of time may carry some health risks.

The greatest risk is with internal ingestion. The more you use the sunless tanning products, the greater the chances that you will accidentally ingest the chemicals. That can cause nausea, illness, cramping, itching, etc.

Skin reactions to the chemicals are also a possibility. You may get bumps on the application sites. Respiratory and eye issues have also been reported with different types of sunless tanning products.

Safer, But Not Perfect

Rest assured that sunless tanning products are far safer than tanning bed and sun tanning alternatives. But it is important to remember that you are using a chemical. There is always risk whenever you have long term exposure to a chemical, and allergic reactions can occur if your body rejects the substance. Use sunless tanning options if you want to avoid the sun tanning risks, but always be aware that there are health risks that can occur with their use.