Creating Body Art With Tans

The goal of tanning is to try to make your body more attractive. Tanning makes you look slimmer, it helps your skim look more appealing, and it is designed to make you look sexier overall.

The same is true of tattoos. Many people look to tattoos to help their bodies look sexier and more presentable. Tattoos are a form of body artwork, and in many ways the same can be said of tanning.

Still, tattoos represent an incredible commitment. As everyone knows, what looks good one day may not be as exciting the next day. It is the reason we buy new clothes , earrings and jewelry – something that we enjoy at any given time may not be as enjoyable in the future.

That is why, rather than getting tattoos, some people choose to do tanning tattoos.

What Are Tanning Tattoos?

Tanning tattoos are simply body art that you create in a tanning booth. In a way, you are using the tan as though it was tattoo ink. You can create a design, head to a tanning booth, and let the rays create the art you like using the color of your skin.

To do this, you can employ any one of the following methods:

  • Place a sticker somewhere on your skin that you want the tattoo. Go about your normal tanning routine. Once you are done, you can remove the sticker and you will have lighter skin in the area where the sticker was placed leaving you with a piece of body art without the ink.
  • There is a newer method of tattoo tanning that is far more difficult, but is slowly catching on. For those that are looking for more full body tattoos, you can take an old, tight shirt and cut out the design that you want. When you place yourself in the tanning booth, make sure the design is where you want it and that you do not move. This method is harder but some people find it more enjoyable, especially for larger tattoo designs. People that use this method are looking for the tanning tattoo to be colored by the tan, while in the previous method it is the skin that is not tan that creates the tattoo.

Once you are done, you will have a tan that you can show off to others. Later, if you decide you no longer like the tattoo, you can wait and over time it will fade away.

Not The Safest

It should be noted that tanning for a tattoo still carries the same risks as other tanning booths. It is not great for your skin, and could also cause some skin to appear aged faster than other skin if you go to any extreme tanning methods. But if you are simply looking for a nice design on a part of your body that does not have to be permanent, using your skin as the canvas and ink, a tanning tattoo may be something that interests you.