Air Brush Tans vs. Traditional Spray Tans

For the past several years, more and more people are moving away from tanning booths. The health risks of constant sun tanning are well known, and few people are willing to risk their health for their skin’s appearance. To account for the change, many tanning booths have added some form of spray tanning to their services.

Spray tanning is the usage of a product/chemical (usually some form of DHA) to coat your skin with a layer of color that, while temporary, will give the appearance of a tan without any of the skin damage. These products are a far better option for people that are worried about their skin health. Still, there are different types of spray tans available, so if you are looking at sunless tanning options, let the information below help you make your decision.

Traditional Spray Tans

The most common type of spray tan you will find is traditional spray tanning. Traditional spray tanning can be found in tanning salons all over the country. This type of spray tanning is fairly straight forward. The recipient stands inside of a shower-like booth, and a variety of sprays envelop the individual from all sides, giving them a spray on tan all over their body. This type of spray tanning has evolved so that streaking is not that common, but it is slightly less exact. Also, many spray tanning booths only have one choice of color.

Airbrush Tanning

One of the newer forms of “spray tanning” is known as airbrush tanning. Airbrush tanning is similar to spray tanning, but rather than having a shower-like machine spray you from head to toe, a human being sits around your body and airbrushes a layer of color all over your skin. There are several advantages to this method:

  • The trained airbrush tanner ensures that every inch of your skin is covered with an even layer.
  • You can choose to have a different level of color in your skin in a way that traditional spray on tanning doesn’t provide.

However, because airbrush tanning is done by a human being rather than a machine, the costs change accordingly. It is generally far more expensive to get an airbrush tan than a spray on tan. But the results are better, and the skin tone you get can be more exact, which is preferable to many people. Airbrush tanning is the type of tanning that people use when they need the tan for acting, modeling, etc.

Choosing Your Spray on Tanning Option

Airbrush tanning is a superior method of applying tanning solution onto your skin. But that superiority comes with an increase in costs that make it not ideal for everyone. In addition, spray on tanning has evolved to the point where streaking and unevenness are far less common than they were five years ago. So if you have the extra cash, an airbrush tan is better, but if you choose to go with a traditional spray on tan instead you will still likely be satisfied with the results.