Choosing a Sunless Tanning Product by Skin Type

Everyone has a different natural skin type. For sun tanning, skin type drastically affects both how you tan, the darkness of your tan, the appearance of your tan, etc. Those that do not tan and freckle, for example, can only experience minimal sun before their appearance drastically changes. Those that tan easily can vary how dark they want to be simply by adjusting how long they’d prefer to spend in the sun.

The same type of tanning management holds true with sunless tanners. The type of sunless tanner you choose has a lot to do with your skin type and your natural physical appearance. Below are examples of how to adjust the type of sunless tanner you use for your skin type.

Skin Types

  1. Doesn’t Tan

For those that don’t tan, a dark tan is likely going to look awkward. Without a natural tan to help provide the dark tan appearance, you are likely going to want to use something that only provides a light, base tan rather than anything that is going to significantly darken your skin. Too dark and you will look unnatural, but a light tan should look perfect.

  1. Very Fair Skin

If you have naturally fair skin, you have a few options. If you have the ability to get a light tan, you may want to use a medium tanner. However, if you look attractive with a light tan, you may want to stick with the light tan without going too far overboard. Much of this will have to do with your hair color. If you have blond hair, blue eyes and a dark tan, you risk the tan looking too fake. However, a light or medium tan should still look acceptable. If you have dark hair, you may be able to pull off a darker tan.

  1. Medium Skin, Tans Easily

For those with naturally darker skin and the ability to tan easily, you have far more options. Choose a sunless tanning product that is more catered to darker skin types. Light tanners are unlikely to be visible against your skin. Still, stay away from bronzers and stick to gradual DHA products. The bronzer may add too much of an orange hue to your already tan skin.

  1. Very Dark Skin

It can be difficult to find a good sunless tanner for very dark skin, because your skin type is often the tan color that other people are striving for. However, a good dark tanner should prove effective in darkening up any areas you are displeased with, though you may need to find specialty self tanners designed for your skin type.

Choosing a Tanning Product For Your Skin

Sunless tanners, especially the effective DHA products, are very good at making your tan look natural. Because they color your skin the same regardless of your natural skin color, even those that are pale with freckles can conceivably get a dark tan. However, the tanner you are compared to your natural skin color, the more you risk the tan looking fake. A light tan can still be extremely attractive, so limit yourself to the way that your natural skin (and your hair and eye color) allows.

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