Risks of Sun Tans

Sun tanning is the most effective way to get both a natural looking tan and one that will last for a while on your skin. The sun is able to create semi-permanent changes in your melanin levels and give you a smooth dark tan that will look both sexy and healthy over the course of the year. Tans may fade, but sun tans fade slowly, have none of the streaking problems of sunless tanners, and are considerably more fun to achieve as you get to lay back in the sun, enjoying your local weather.

But recent reports have shown that sun tanning is not the safest endeavor. There are many safety concerns associated with sun tanning that make it a risk for anyone looking to achieve that perfect tan. Here are some of the dangers of sun tanning that you put yourself through every time you go out in the sun.

Dangers of Tanning

  1. Skin Cancer

Any time you go out in the sun you put yourself at risk of skin cancer. Some skin cancers are far more dangerous than others, and there are many types of skin cancer that are almost completely curable, but there are also dangerous, fatal types of skin cancer that can occur if you are out in the sun often. Skin cancer represents a serious risk of sun tanning, and though it is not too common, it is always present in all populations (though most common in males and Caucasians).

  1. Sunburn

Any time you go tanning you run the risk of sunburn. In fact, some people sunburn on purpose because often when the burn leaves a tan is left in its wake. Yet sunburns are painful, can result in peeling, itching and sharp pains. Sunburns also increase your risk of developing skin cancer, and are simply not good for the health of your skin.

  1. Wrinkles/Aging Skin

The more sun your skin receives, the more your skin begins to show the appearance of aging. Sun damages skin cells and causes things like wrinkles and rough looking skin. It also reduces the amount of moisture that your skin is able to maintain, which can give it a hard, rougher look. Though you can reduce some of this with moisturizers, there are also going to be permanent changes for those that receive too much sun over the course of their life.

  1. Other Health Concerns

There are also other health concerns that you are at risk for when you experience excessive tanning. Too much sun has been linked to a weaker immune system, and also causes the creation of skin discolorations that, while not cancerous, do alter/impact your appearance.

Should You Not Tan?

These dangers are always present when you are tanning. Yet at the same time there is no denying that sun plays an important role in your life, and tanning with the sun is the best way to get a nice, attractive tan. As such, tanning is not necessarily a problem on its own, but make sure you take precautions to stay safe, be vigilant for any physical changes or signs of damage, and never overdo it – following best practices with tanning.

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