How to Remove a Sunless Tan

Sunless tanning is a great alternative to sun tanning. By avoiding the sun, you are able to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging, while still obtaining a realistic-looking tan that you can be proud of.

Sunless tanning is far safer than regular sun tanning, and the sunless tan products that provide these tans have evolved so that they are able to produce extremely realistic-looking results.

Still, sunless tans are not foolproof. The safety of fake tans needs to be explored.

It is possible to get a tan that you are not fond of because unlike regular sun tanning, self-tanning products can cause mistakes. Below are some helpful tips for how to get rid of a sunless tan quickly.

How to Remove a Sunless Tan

Sunless Tan Removal

  1. Do Nothing

One thing to remember is that sunless tans are temporary products. How much does a spray tan last?

They last as little as 2 days, and at most 2 weeks – and two weeks is if you care for your sunless tan properly. By simply not applying any more of the tanner, the sunless tan should fade on its own very quickly.

  1. Take Long Baths

If you need to speed up the sunless tan removal process, one option is to take some very long baths, soaking your skin from head to toe. Taking long baths can expand dead skin cells and dilute the color.

It is also a good way to stimulate new skin growth, which will help you remove your dead skin cells.

  1. Exfoliate

The sooner your skin cells are shed, the sooner you will lose your color. Do not overdo it – too much exfoliating is bad for your skin.

But exfoliating gently will speed up the tan removal process, so it is useful to scrub your skin whenever you take a shower or bath and simply hope that the tan starts to fade more quickly.

What if Nothing Works?

The main problem that most people have with sunless tanning products is that they do not last very long. Within a few days these tans can fade away, and those that like their sunless tanner has to continue to apply the lotions in order to maintain their tan. Most people want tanning products that will last longer on their skin, not shorter.

As a result, sunless tanning companies have been trying desperately to help create tanning products that last longer, and go deeper into your skin. Because of these formulas, it may not be possible to speed up the tan removal process that quickly, no matter what you do.

Do not try to speed up the process by scrubbing your skin raw. It will not work, and you will simply damage your skin. Instead, just let the tan take its course and do not reapply any of the lotions.

In a few days, you should see it fading, and by the end of the week, it should be completely gone. In the meantime, keep exfoliating and taking long baths, and your tan should fade well enough on its own.

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