Problems With Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning products are excellent ways to give yourself tan skin without having to subject yourself to harsh UV rays. They are safe for almost everyone that uses them, and they have undergone enough scientific experiments that they now work very effectively and are able to provide a completely natural tan appearance without any sun or tanning booths.

But even though these products work well, there are still a variety of problems that may occur if you do not use them correctly. The most common problems are:

  • Unnatural Tan – Usually caused by using too much of the product.
  • Streaky Tan – Usually caused by applying it incorrectly.
  • Flaky Tan – Usually caused by dead/dry skin cells.

Those are the most common problems with sunless tanning, but they are not the only problems. Below is a list of additional problems you may experience with your sunless tanners and what you can do to prevent them.

Additional Sunless Tanning Problems

  • No Tan

One problem that may occur is that it does not appear any tan has occurred, despite using the product. This may be due to a variety of reasons. First, you may simply have not used enough of the product. If you have a lot of hair, or you are very tall/large, or you simply did not put a lot of the product in your hand – all of these may affect whether or not a tan shows up.

In addition, you may have chosen a tanner that is not right for your skin type. If you have already dark skin and are looking to get just a little darker, you cannot use a “light tan” cream. Even though you only want a small change, light tan creams will not show up well against your tan skin.

Also, some sunless tanners require multiple applications and layers before they get fully dark. Check the instructions to ensure that you are placing it on your body correctly.

  • Tan Appears Splotchy, Grouped

It is possible that you will see some very dark spots on your skin. In almost every instance, this occurs because too much of the product was rubbed in those spots. The most common reason for this is accidental reapplication. These colors take a while to come into full effect, and if you believed that perhaps you did not place enough in that spot at the time and reapply, you will find that these areas get darker than the rest of your body.

  • Your Wrinkles Look Dirty

Your body has a lot of wrinkles, and not just the ones that occur on your face as you age. Your knees, elbows, heels and even knuckles have a lot of wrinkles. Color can get caught up in these wrinkles, and dead skin tends to flake often. It is a good idea to fully exfoliate all of these areas, as well as moisturize them before applying the sunless tanner.

By following all of the above tips, you should be able to easily avoid any of these common problems and have a sunless tan that looks perfectly natural.

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