Preventing an Orange Fake Tan

Back during the early fake tan craze, orange tans were pretty much everywhere. At the time, few companies understood how to formulate their products correctly, and sunless tanners became notorious for giving people some of the most hilariously fake tans in existence.

Today, however, orange tans are far less common. The ingredients placed in most common sunless tanning products are designed specifically to help your tan look as real as possible, and in general they deliver on that promise.

However, it is still possible that in some cases you will find that you have a very orange tan. When that occurs, it may be due to a variety of reasons.

Reasons for Orange Tans

  • Overuse of Sunless Tanner

The most common reason that people get orange tans is because they overused the sunless tanner when applying it to get their desired tan color. This may have been your own error, yet it is entirely possible that it is not your fault at all. Many sunless tanners instruct you to place multiple layers of the product on your skin over the course of several hours. But some tanners continue to get dark long after they supposedly “stop.” This means that while you are applying more tanner, your skin may not have completed its first round of tanning, and the end result is an orange skinned mess. If you have not tried that particular sunless tanner before, it is a good idea to go very slow and consider tanning gradually rather than in the method mentioned on the bottle. Also, make sure you are not overusing the tanner during each application.

  • Too Dark Products

You may want a dark tan. But if you have fair skin, you cannot simply skip to a very dark tan right away. Tanning products are designed for different naturally tanned skin tones. If you used a dark tanner right away on your light skin, you are at risk for becoming very orange.

  • Product May Be Cheap

Remember, it was not long ago that orange tans were practically common. If you purchased some new and inexpensive product with no history of success, it is entirely possible that they use ingredients that are formulated poorly, resulting in a very orange and unnatural looking tan. It is a good idea to go with the recommended sunless tanners, as they have far more potential to provide you with the natural looking tan you are hoping for.

Orange Tan Becoming Less Common

The sunless tanning products themselves are becoming far less likely to be the reason that your orange tan has occurred. Most of the time it is going to be user error – even if that user error is due to poor instructions on the back of the product. It is always a good idea to check reviews, and if the product you are using has good reviews and is not too dark for your skin tone, chances are the reason for your orange skin is simply overuse of the product.

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