How to Remove a Sun Tan

Every year, millions of people across the country try to get a deep and dark tan. Whether through tanning booths or by sitting out in the sun, countless men and women are trying hard to darken their skin and enhance their overall appearance.

But on occasion, you may want to go against the norm and get rid of your sun tan. Perhaps it is because you became darker than you wanted, or you didn’t like the way you looked, or you have an awkward looking tan due to misplaced tan lines, it is not impossible that you may want to get rid of your sun tan as best you can.

Removing Sun Tans

Unfortunately, because sun tans penetrate so deeply into your skin, there is no quick fix for removing them. If you went on a secret vacation and do not want your boss to find out, there is nothing you can do to get rid of your tan quickly. Your best bet is to claim you fell asleep in a tanning booth and hope your boss believes you.

But if you simply want to speed up the time it takes for your tan to fade, there are some options available.

  • Avoid Peak Sun Hours

When you need to be outside, try to avoid going into the sun during peak UV hours (10 am to 3 pm). This includes in winter. This is when UV rays are at their strongest, and as the sun shines over your skin, your tan color will be reinforced.

  • Wear Sunscreen All the Time

Sunblock prevents against tanning. If you wear sunblock at all times, even during the winter months, while you are out during peak hours, you should be able to reduce the maintenance of your tan, which will help ensure it is able to fade as fast as possible.

  • Take Baths and Exfoliate

It is also recommended that you take plenty of baths and exfoliate your skin as best you can. The quicker your skin sheds to create newer and fresher skin, the more your tan will fade. Baths also have a tendency to lighten your tan slightly, which may help.

  • Consider Lemon Juice

It is believed that fresh lemon juice is able to help reduce the darkness of your tan over time. If you massage lemon juice into your skin, especially from a fresh lemon, your skin is expected to lose some of its color quickly. No studies have been done to confirm this but many firsthand accounts recommend lemon juice as an option.

Don’t Expect Rapid Results

Suntans are long-lasting. Your skin cannot simply remove that much color deep within your skin very quickly. If you need to get rid of your tan, your best bet is to keep yourself covered and out of the sun, wearing sunscreen when you do need to spend time outdoors, and cleaning yourself with baths, exfoliating creams, and possibly lemon juice. These will help speed up the tan removal process, even if it occurs very slowly.

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