How to Make a Spray-On Tan Last Longer

Spray on tans are the safe alternative to traditional sun tanning. Unlike tanning booths, there are no UV rays to damage your skin or put you at risk for skin cancer. Spray on tans simply use a generally safe chemical to dye your skin the tan that you want, allowing you to show off the sexy tan without any skin damage at all.

But this type of tanning option suffers from one major problem – it is incredibly temporary. While a good sun tan will last you all summer, a spray on tan will last about five days without proper care, and some last as few as two days before they have faded a great deal.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to get your spray on tan to last longer, and while your tan will continually fade over time, at least you can get more life out of your tan until you get it retouched in the future.

Tips for Improving the Life of Your Spray on Tan

  1. Prepare Your Skin Correctly

Spray on tans work by dying the outer layer of your skin the tan color that you want. But your skin is constantly shedding as it grows new skin beneath it. That is why you need to make sure your skin is well prepared before you get your tan completed. The most important preparation tip is exfoliating your skin right before you get the spray on tan. If you fail to exfoliate, your dead skin cells will soak up some of the tan, and these skin cells have the shortest lifespan before they shed from your body and the color goes away.

  1. Refrain from the Sun

After you get your tan, you should do your best to avoid the sun. The sun breaks up color on the top layers of your skin, causing the spray on tan to fade fairly quickly. The less sun exposure your skin receives, the longer your tan will last.

  1. Keep your Skin Hydrated

Your skin is constantly shedding old skin and replacing it with new skin. Since the top layer of your skin si the first to be shed, you will lose color as the top layer of your skin gets older. But if you keep your body hydrated (by drinking a lot of water) and keep your skin moisturized using a lotion designed for use over spray on tans, your skin will extend its life for longer.

  1. Stop Exfoliating

It is important to exfoliate before you get your spray on tan, but you should refrain from exfoliating after you have your tan. You do not want to remove any layers of skin that may have the dye, otherwise you will shorten the lifespan of your tan.

  1. Follow the Instructions Provided By the Salon

Salons sometimes have special instructions for caring for your spray on tan after you leave the salon. Follow their instructions to the letter, as they will have the best advice for ensuring that your spray on tan lasts. Rest assured that it is in their best interests to ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible so that you recommend them to your friends.

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