How to Maintain a Tan During Winter

how to maintain tan in winterIt is always nice to receive a nice, dark tan during the summer. Your tan is the result of a lot of time spent out enjoying the outdoors, and the end result is a deep and healthy-looking tan that you can wear proudly.

Throughout the winter, however, your tan will gradually start to fade. As your skin sheds and new skin forms, your tan will continue to lose color regularly if you do not properly maintain it. Unless you live in a winter climate that allows you to spend countless hours in the sun throughout the winter months, there is a high likelihood that without proper maintenance, you will quickly regain your fair skin again.

Ways to Maintain Your Skin Color

Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can maintain your skin color throughout the winter. Combine all of these methods to give yourself the best chance at having a nice, and attractive tan throughout the winter and spring months.

  1. Moisturize Regularly – Part of the reason that your tan fades is that you are constantly shedding skin. The more you exfoliate and lose dead skin cells, the quicker your skin is going to lose its darkness. But if you moisturize your skin regularly, your skin will stay healthy for longer, which will increase the amount of time you maintain your tan.
  2. Consider Tanning Beds – Though tanning beds are not great for your skin, a weekly or biweekly tanning session is a great way to maintain your skin color throughout the winter. Ideally, you will be able to attend once a week, but a single session every 10 days or so should still be enough to maintain your color.
  3. Consider Self Tanners – How important is it that your tan is real? Throughout the winter, you may want to consider using sunless tanning products and simply maintaining a sunless tan throughout the winter and then sun tanning again once summer comes.
  4. Eat Healthy Foods – There are a variety of foods that are good for your skin. Vitamin A, antioxidants – all of these are useful for keeping your skin healthy. If you have healthy skin, your tan will last for much longer.
  5. Avoid Exfoliation – If possible, try your best not to use exfoliation products. While they may make your skin feel healthier, they also remove layers of your skin, and those layers hold on to your tan color. Exfoliation is still beneficial for maintaining a healthy appearance, but it will shorten the time of your tan.

By following all of these tips your tan will be able to last throughout the winter. Tanning beds and self-tanning products can help you maintain the appearance of your tan while using products and eating foods that improve your skin health will allow your current tan to last longer. Consider combining all of the above options in order to ensure that your tan is able to throughout the winter and spring months.

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