How to Apply a Sunless Tan Evenly

Sunless tanners are a great way to make sure you avoid the health risks of extended sun exposure. They pose no known risk of skin cancer, and they do not cause any permanent damage to your skin that will affect your health or appearance in the long term.

One of the most common concerns that people have about using these sunless tanning lotions is that their tan will look uneven. Indeed, these creams are not perfect – they do not evenly distribute the tan all over your body the way that the sun does.

You might ask, why. This is because it is difficult to perfectly measure the lotion the same way that the sun is dispersed in the air. Still, there are ways to make sure that your sunless tan looks correct and generally streak-free on your body.

how to apply spray tan

Tips for Improving The Appearance of Your Sunless Tan

Even if you have the best sunless tanning products, you have to follow these steps no matter what:

  • Shower and Exfoliate First

No amount of measurement can make up for the problems that may occur if you do not shower and exfoliate before applying the sunless tanner.

Dead skin is never even on your skin, and the sooner that the dead skin is removed, the better your tan will look. You also need to make sure that all lotions and makeups have been removed as well so that they do not interfere with the lotion.

  • Start from the Bottom

The best way to start is to work your way up from your feet. You want to make sure that your tan is properly dispersed and measured.

If you start from the top and work your way down, you risk “thinking” that you covered a part of your body correctly even though you may not have applied enough to that area.

  • Use Two Mirrors

It is helpful for applying your sunless tanner if you can see all sides of your body as you are applying it.

Double mirrors help a great here. You can easily apply the lotion to your back without worrying about if you are missing a spot.

  • Go Slow, Use the Right Amount of Lotion

Don’t try to hurry for the application. Measure the appropriate amount from the start and then slowly apply it to your body.

Going slow is the only way to make sure that you reach every part of your body and get the all-over tan you are looking for.

  • Let the Tan Set In

Finally, once you have applied the tan, give it time to do its job. If you rush to put on clothes or shower, you are going to spread and remove the tan before it has had a chance to do its job.

The instructions on the gel will tell you how long it takes before you can remove any excess lotion – take your time and make sure that the lotion is properly placed on your body and has had a chance to work its magic.

If you adhere to all of the tips above, your tan should look as impressive as you want it to look. Follow the above tips, and your tan will likely shine.

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