Getting an Effective Outdoor Tan

Everyone loves tans. Tans give the appearance of healthier skin. They make your body look slimmer, make your muscles look larger, and make your clothes look like they match your skin tone much better. Tans are one of the most popular ways to change your appearance, and it is clear from the results that getting a tan can lead to you looking more sexy and attractive.

Getting a tan outdoors, however, has its difficulties. It’s not as though you can simply jump outside and get tan. There is burning risk, uneven tans, different levels of sun – many things that you need to do to make sure that you tan outdoors correctly. Below are several tips for improving your ability to get a tan outside.

Tips for Outdoor Tanning

  • Start Slow with Sunscreen

You cannot tan with sunscreen. But what you can do is get a decent amount of sun exposure and then save yourself from burning and extreme sun damage, especially while your skin is still very fair. To do this, you simply give yourself some time in the sun – no more than 15 minutes in hot weather, and in some cases less than a few minutes (in the case of extreme weather – and then slather on sunscreen for the rest of the day.

While you won’t be tanning with the sunscreen, you will be reducing damage to your skin and improving your comfort. Then, over time, your tan will appear. You never want to rush tanning. Rushing it only leads to extreme damage to your skin, which will be both painful and awkward. Go slow and you can avoid some of the painful burns, and with sunscreen you can still enjoy time outdoors in the process.

  • Wear Sunscreen When Not Tanning

When you are trying to get your tan, sunscreen is going to get in your way. But when you are NOT trying to tan, sunscreen can be extremely useful. Some parts of your skin, such as your arms, legs and face, receive a lot of sun even when you are not trying to tan. If you do not wear sunscreen, these areas will get darker than the rest of your body, and it will make your tan look awkward. Tan these parts of your body when you tan the rest of your body for greater effects.

  • Consider Tanning Lotions

There are a variety of tanning lotions that are designed to not only improve your ability to tan, but also increase the length of time that the tan lasts on your body. When these tanning lotions work effectively, you will (hopefully) not have to tan as often in order to get the same tone that you want.

  • Wear Little Clothes

When you are tanning, the more skin you are comfortable showing, the better. Only by getting sun all over your body are you going to get an attractive all over tan that you can be proud of. In addition, it is a good idea to try to wear the same clothes to tan each time. The last thing you want are varying tans due to tan lines from different types of clothing.

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