Clothes in a Tanning Booth

Tanning booths are an effective way to tan your skin without needing to be in the sun. Though tanning booths may be more dangerous in terms of UV exposure, you also have the ability to plan exactly how long you stay in the booth, which can benefit you dramatically when it comes to reducing burning and ensuring you do not receive too many extra UV rays.

tanning booth clothes

That makes tanning booths a great option for those that want to reduce burning or do not have access to extended sun exposure. One of the major questions then is how to tan most effectively, and one of the aspects that affect that is the types of clothes you wear to the tanning booth.

Clothes in the Tanning Booth

With a few rare exceptions, UV rays are not going to get through clothing. That means that the skin underneath the clothes you wear are not going to tan while you are in the tanning booth.

That is why it is highly recommended that whatever clothes you wear during your first trip to the tanning salon you continue to wear every time you are in the tanning salon.

This is done to prevent uneven or irregular tan lines. If you wear a bikini one day, followed by shorts the next day and hand warmers the day after, your entire body is going to be filled with irregular tans that are going to look awkward and unattractive. Two similar pieces of clothes (such as shorts) are going to have different lengths and sizes. It is a better idea to simply wear the same clothes every time you go tanning.

Tanning in the Nude

Provided you go to a reputable tanning salon, you also have the option of tanning without clothing. Tanning in the nude is perfectly acceptable at tanning salons and will help ensure that you have no tan lines once you are finished tanning. Still, you should always wear the goggles provided by the tanning salon, even if you are tanning in the buff.

Remember Jewelry

Don’t forget to take off all of your jewelry before you get into the tanning salon. Not only does jewelry move around, causing irregular tan lines, but it also can heat up depending on the metal and may burn your skin.

Note on Tan Lines

Finally, it is important to remember that tan lines are a form of fairer skin. Removing tan lines is not that easy. That means that they cannot handle as much UV exposure as the rest of your body.

If you have been wearing underwear into the tanning booth and decide that you would like to tan nude, remember to be very careful about how long you allow the un-tanned body to be in the tanning booth.

It may be a good idea to keep the clothes you were wearing next to you, and then halfway through your time in the booth put the clothes back on for the rest of your tanning, in order to ensure that the time your lighter skin spends in the booth is limited.

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