What are the best sunscreens and suntan lotions?

Tanning is a long and difficult process. There is no true way to simply magically become tan without getting a great deal of sun or spending hours and hours in a tanning booth, especially if you have fair skin. And skin the more sun you receive, the more damage you are doing to your skin. For those with lighter skin looking for a dark tan, the process used to create that tan may be dangerous.

Yet people are always going to want to receive a tan, because while tans may be a sign of unhealthy skin, they provide the appearance of health – a sought after quality in today’s society. So if you are going to get a tan, below is some advice about which sunscreens to use in order to tan more easily.

Low SPF Suntan Lotions

One option is to apply and reapply low SPF suntan lotion. Though it can be a difficult method, low SPF lotions (when used correctly) have been known to improve your ability to tan without serious burning. Low SPF lotions do not last very long under intense UV rays, burning away quickly and making it more likely for you to get burnt.

However, if you consistently apply and reapply a low SPF lotion, your skin will continue to experience some sun before getting protected again. This gives your skin a little time to cool while after you apply the lotion again. The process continues to repeat until a light tan is gathered. This is not the most recommended method of tanning, but it has been known to work when performed correctly.

Tanning Lotions

Another option is to utilize a tanning lotion. Tanning lotions are designed to create more color from the same amount of tanning. So while you are doing damage to your skin every time you tan, you also receive greater results for those efforts. There are tanning lotions designed for both outdoor tanning (sun tanning) and indoor tanning (tanning beds). It is very important that you do not mix and match these types, as the outdoor lotions can ruin tanning beds and indoor lotions have a tendency to be less safe outdoors.

These types of lotions come in different styles, but ideally you will want to use an “accelerator.” Accelerators are tanning lotions that boost your melanin levels as you tan, so that the end result is a darker than. Other types (bronzers and tingle lotions) also apply a layer of sunless tanner that gives your skin a darker look, but many people prefer to avoid those lotions since the results are not permanent.

Sunscreens and Lotions for Tanning

There is no way to tan safely, since the tan itself IS skin damage. However, tanning lotions are able to improve the darkness of your skin naturally, while low SPF sunscreens (when used correctly) are able to provide your skin with intermittent sun to reduce burning. Both of these represent possible solutions for those that are looking to earn a dark tan.

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