Best Sunless Tanning Products

Sunless tanning is the best way to save the health of your skin while still receiving a dark and attractive tan. Yet it was not long ago that sunless tanners provided unrealistic looking tans – tans with an orange hue that told looked unattractive and unhealthy.

Since then, sunless tanners have improved dramatically. The tans are far more realistic, they last slightly longer, and they are much easier to apply. But even with all of these improvements, there is no doubt that some sunless tanners are better than others. Below are a list of 5 of the best sunless tanning products and their advantages.

Best Sunless Tanning Products

  1. L’Oreal Sublime Glow for the Body

L’Oreal is one of the leaders in skin care. They have taken their research and abilities and created a sunless tanner that is inexpensive and provides a long lasting, realistic looking tan. Like all sunless tanners, Sublime Glow has a tendency to fade quickly, and it takes quite a while before the appearance of a dark tan takes place (Sublime Glow is not a bronzer, so the changes are gradual), but it is easily one of the best sunless tanning products available.

  1. Jergens Natural Glow

Jergans Natural Glow is another example of a quality, inexpensive product that is great for sunless tanning. Jergens provides a lighter tan than many of the other tanning products available, but unlike most other tanners, the Jergens product is also a lotion. This allows you to moisturize your skin regularly while providing yourself with a nice, natural looking tan.

  1. Neutrogena Sun Fresh Foam

Sun Fresh Foam from Neutrogena is a great product for those that want a gradual tan. Because it is a foam it spreads easily, leaving very little (if any) streaking. The ingredients also dry quickly, so you can put clothes on over your tan in little time. They also offer different styles (light tan, dark tan) which is very useful for controlling the type of tan you would like to receive.

  1. Aveeno Continuous Radiance

Like its competitors, Aveeno Continuous Radiance is an inexpensive product by a major skin care manufacturer. The product can be find at almost any drug store. The lotion is very gentle and easy to apply, and the product itself is extremely popular.

  1. L’Occitane Sunshine Lotion

Recommended by Oprah, the L’Occitane Sunshine Lotion is more expensive than the other options, but smells considerably better and is great for creating a nice and healthy brown tan.

Other Options

There are a variety of extremely effective sunless tanners available that may even beat out the list above. However, most of these sunless tanners are prohibitively expensive, averaging almost $40 per bottle. That can be a considerable issue since you will have to use and reapply these tanners regularly in order for them to be effective. The list above represents some of the less expensive products that are still very effective and useful for keeping and maintaining your sunless tan.

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