Benefits of Sunless Tanning

Over the past few years, sunless tanning has gained amazing popularity.

This popularity has shot up exponentially, as only a decade ago sunless tanning was a rarity and often avoided by the general public. So what changed with sunless tanning? Why has it become so popular in the last few years?

sunless tanning benefits

The Rise in Popularity

  1. Health Concerns Over Sun Tanning

Though the link between skin cancer and sun damage has been known for some time, it was not until recently that it has been so widely publicized.

Experts everywhere are warning that even mild sun damage can vastly increase your risk for skin cancer and that the tan itself is a sign that you are already receiving more damage than your skin can handle.

As a result, men and women across the country have begun switching to sunless tanning in order to decrease that risk and improve their overall long term health.

  1. Healthier Skin

In addition to skin cancer risk, sun damage can cause the appearance of premature aging. Lines and wrinkles from tanning are nearly impossible to remove.

But sunless tanning does nothing to your skin, so you can continue to use it over a long period of time without worrying about whether or not your skin will suffer as a result.

  1. Less Orange

Not long ago, sunless tanning caused some almost hilarious color problems. Those that received a sunless tan were widely recognizable because the tan itself would look far more orange than tan, leading to a number of jokes at the recipient’s expense.

But since then the tanning products have become far more realistic, and the visual difference between a sunless tan and a real tan are virtually nil.

  1. Easier Application

Another problem with sunless tanning was that the tan was prone to streaking. That streaking would make the skin look more dirty than tan because there would be random splotches of normal skin color littered in between the tan skin.

But the lotions have improved dramatically since then, making it far easier to ensure that your skin gives off a healthy tan appearance without streaks.

  1. More Options

Finally, there are a variety of tanning options available. It used to be a select few types available at tanning salons. But since then they have improved a great deal, and now there are different types of sunless tanning available at both tanning salons and at home.

In addition, there is much greater control over the color of your tan, so that now you can get a light tan or a dark tan depending on your preference.

Overall, there have been a number of different chances to sunless tanning that have resulted in its rapid increase in popularity. Though sunless tanning may never take over sun tanning and tanning booths in terms of overall use until the day that they can provide longer-term tans, for now, they are going to continue to grow in popularity as the risks of sun tanning become more and more well known.

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